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Boise Idaho Property Owners, Investors and Landlords

Why Hire a Boise Property Manager?

Manage Your Time not your Tenants

Hiring a professional Boise Idaho property management company means you have a full time employee watching every aspect of the rental home including-

  •  Marketing the Boise property. Getting the word out to their network and advertising on all the major websites. A good Boise Idaho property management company is actually prospecting tenants all the time.
  • Tenant screening. Probably the most important aspect of the home rental business. Tenants want a prompt response and Investors want quality renters that will take care of the rental home and pay rent on time
  • Collecting payments. Sometimes the check comes on time and sometimes you have to be persistent. Hiring a Boise property manager ensures you don't spend the day tracking downn the renter.
  • Maintenance. Boise Property Managers have a list of qualified trades people and other services for when the unexpected and yet eventual happens. They have people they have worked with for a while and trust and probably get a better price on for the amount of work provided.


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