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Top 10 Question to ask an your Professional

Boise Idaho Property Management Company

What are your fees?

  1. Do you charge when the house is vacant?
  2. Do you have any start up fees or marketing fees? If so, do I have to pay these every time I need a new tenant?
  3. Do you have any additional fees?  Such as admin fees, etc.
  4. Do you up-charge on items that need to be fixed or replaced?

How do you screen tenants?

  1. Do you run a background check on them?Idaho Professional Property Managers
  2. Do you run a criminal check?
  3. How do you verify employment?
  4. Do you approve them or do I approve them?
  5. Will you do a drive by of the house they are currently in to verify it's well maintained?

Tell me about your lease contract.

  1. When do you collect the security deposit?
  2. Can I enter the house to ensure it's in good condition? If so, how often?
  3. What's your process if they don't pay rent?  Do they pay a late charge?  Are they evicted? What is your eviction process?

How will you market my home?

  1. How many websites will my home be on?
  2. Will you provide a sign or flyers?
  3. What's your average Days on Market?
  4. How do you market differently from your competition?

Here are some more valuable questions:

  1. Do you perform a video walk thru with the tenants?
  2. How often do you keep in contact with the tenants?
  3. Do you perform drive-by's to ensure the property is well maintained?
  4. Do you have an in-house handyman?  If so, what is the charge?
  5. How many years have you been in the business?
  6. If I'm unhappy with your services, what recourse do I have?

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